Say “Cheese”

Those of you who are particularly clever will have noticed that I generally slap a photograph into the body of my post right under break.  Good sleuthing.  I do this because I’ve noticed that — at least with some browsers — clicking off the home page and onto the post itself causes you two lose a couple of lines of text so you have to move the scroll bar up in order to read the whole post.  And who would want to miss even a word of Charon’s Aide’s post?

Work can wait.  It's time to smoke!

Work can wait. It’s time to smoke!

A girl has to get her priorities straight!

Those of you who are really, really, really clever might have noticed that I don’t put up just any photograph (although any photograph would serve the purpose.)  I put up pictures of women, beautiful women, beautiful and sexy women, beautiful and sexy young women, beautiful and sexy young women who are SMOKING A CIGARETTE     🙂     🙂     🙂

Good sleuthing!

But I shall make all of you an offer.  If you email ( me a picture of yourself smoking a cigarette (It totally, absolutely, emphatically MUST be you!!!!), I will use it on one of my posts.  You don’t actually have to be beautiful, you don’t have to be a 10, (9 1/2 will suffice), you don’t have to be young, you don’t have to doll yourself up, hell — you don’t even have to be a woman.  Only stipulation is that you have to be smoking a cigarette.  Oh, and you have to be over eighteen.  I don’t need that headache!

Black, yellow, red, white — don’t matter.  Fox or dog — don’t matter.  Chick or dude — don’t matter.

Just fire up that pleasure stick!

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