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I’ve had a few visits from the web host at Closet Fascination and I’ve accepted her offer to visit her.  She really “gets” the whole ‘smoking appreciation’ thing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visits to her ‘site.  Recently she directed her readers to a blog post about the videos being employed in the Canadian government’s campaign […]

Social Pressure

I was completely obsessed with cigarettes and with smoking by the time I’d reached the age of nine.  I’d probably become obsessed with the whole business long before that; but it was at that age I realized I’d formed a unbreakable connection in my mind between smoking and intense sexual longing.  There was a lot […]

That word of encouragement.

There are two kinds of people in the word.  There are people who think they’re independent and self-motivating, people who — let’s face it — are just kidding themselves.  In other words, they’re sheep who don’t know they’re sheep.  The other kind, and I’m in this group, are sheep who know they’re sheep; know it […]