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Love the Life You Live / Live the Life You Love

The great philosopher Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  Fortunately, after Socrates said it, Plato wrote it down — otherwise Socrates’ words would have died with him.  Socrates was too cheap to buy a pencil! In our own time, the novelist Saul Bellow gave Socrates’ wisdom a conditional endorsement by adding, “but the […]

The Trouble With Me

Those of you who are following along at home will remember when I introduced you to Cathy.  Cathy is, of course, just one of the ever growing sorority of female smokers who are far too hot, far too sexy and far too young for me and who — in complete defiance of common sense — […]

There’s No Fool Like …

Cathy’s name isn’t Cathy any more than Agnes’ name is Agnes; but I will relate my (upcoming) adventures with Cathy just as did with Agnes.  I realize, of course, that I have no business writing about Cathy, or thinking about Cathy or fantasizing about Cathy or putting Cathy’s name in a sentence that’s anywhere near […]

Social Pressure

I was completely obsessed with cigarettes and with smoking by the time I’d reached the age of nine.  I’d probably become obsessed with the whole business long before that; but it was at that age I realized I’d formed a unbreakable connection in my mind between smoking and intense sexual longing.  There was a lot […]