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Sad, and Lonely, and Inhaling All the Way

Maybe, just maybe, the thing I need — the thing I need from all you wonderful smokers and smoking appreciators — is a tender “Boo” and a consoling “Hoo”.

Would You Like a Little Whine, Perhaps, With your Cigarette?

Often you have heard it said, “The weekly squeal gets the grease”, and I suppose it’s true.  Last week’s squeal of frustration and disappointment (with a liberal sprinkling of obvious and pitiful narcissism) has provoked an outpouring of grease not seen since the Valdez incident.

I Hate All of You! … And Your Little Dogs Too!!!!

I’m like a pastor who uses his sermons to complain about the people who don’t go to church.  The ones who hear his sermons are the ones he doesn’t need to speak to, and the people he wants to reach aren’t around to hear his sermon.

The Trouble With Me

Those of you who are following along at home will remember when I introduced you to Cathy.  Cathy is, of course, just one of the ever growing sorority of female smokers who are far too hot, far too sexy and far too young for me and who — in complete defiance of common sense — […]

And This Means What, Exactly?

Welcome to Wednesday, the day when all of us here at Puff Of Heaven — fans and contributors both — can relax, light up and take a little census of this magnificent little town we should probably call Smoker’s Appreciation Junction.  When you’re here, your home!  There’s plenty of room for everyone!

Turning the Other Cheek

OK, I’ll admit it: Charon’s Aide is a troll.  Yeah.  What I mean, folks, is that, generally, whenever I publish a new post, I’ll take a tour of the world of WordPress, scouting out other people’s blogs, looking for folks who have something to say about smoking, or cigarettes, or fetishes.  Then, when I find […]

Table For One

OK, at exactly 2:37 this afternoon I got the following text from Agnes: I can’t do tonight, Charon’s Aide.  I’ve got the throat scratchies and feel like general crap.  Maybe next week sometime…. I’d like to see a show of hands, here.  How many of you appreciative appreciators are surprised that I was stood up? […]