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Social Skills

I’ve had a few visits from the web host at Closet Fascination and I’ve accepted her offer to visit her.  She really “gets” the whole ‘smoking appreciation’ thing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visits to her ‘site.  Recently she directed her readers to a blog post about the videos being employed in the Canadian government’s campaign […]

Sad, and Lonely, and Inhaling All the Way

Maybe, just maybe, the thing I need — the thing I need from all you wonderful smokers and smoking appreciators — is a tender “Boo” and a consoling “Hoo”.

I Promised Not To … But I Did Anyway!

If you’ve been keeping up with my adventures, you know that “Cathy” stood me up on our proposed ‘smoking date’ Monday.  She offered what she referred to as a ‘rain check’ and — since I kind of figured I wasn’t exactly going to be able to take that check to the bank — I decided […]

There’s No Fool Like …

Cathy’s name isn’t Cathy any more than Agnes’ name is Agnes; but I will relate my (upcoming) adventures with Cathy just as did with Agnes.  I realize, of course, that I have no business writing about Cathy, or thinking about Cathy or fantasizing about Cathy or putting Cathy’s name in a sentence that’s anywhere near […]

Social Pressure

I was completely obsessed with cigarettes and with smoking by the time I’d reached the age of nine.  I’d probably become obsessed with the whole business long before that; but it was at that age I realized I’d formed a unbreakable connection in my mind between smoking and intense sexual longing.  There was a lot […]

Health and Fitness

We all want what’s best for our children, mothers especially.  I know that a lot of women are concerned to know the best time for their daughters to start smoking.  They think back on their own heady days as a new smoker and wonder, “did I start soon enough?”  What should they expect from their […]

Money isn’t everything

People are obsessed with making money and with saving money.  Governments are no different.  We all want to make “informed decisions”, that’s why we pour over the studies that look into the best way to save money.  Trouble is, though, we’re not actually making decisions.  We’re just using the information we generate to do whatever […]