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The Trouble With Me

Those of you who are following along at home will remember when I introduced you to Cathy.  Cathy is, of course, just one of the ever growing sorority of female smokers who are far too hot, far too sexy and far too young for me and who — in complete defiance of common sense — […]

Table For One

OK, at exactly 2:37 this afternoon I got the following text from Agnes: I can’t do tonight, Charon’s Aide.  I’ve got the throat scratchies and feel like general crap.  Maybe next week sometime…. I’d like to see a show of hands, here.  How many of you appreciative appreciators are surprised that I was stood up? […]

I Promised Not To … But I Did Anyway!

If you’ve been keeping up with my adventures, you know that “Cathy” stood me up on our proposed ‘smoking date’ Monday.  She offered what she referred to as a ‘rain check’ and — since I kind of figured I wasn’t exactly going to be able to take that check to the bank — I decided […]

There’s No Fool Like …

Cathy’s name isn’t Cathy any more than Agnes’ name is Agnes; but I will relate my (upcoming) adventures with Cathy just as did with Agnes.  I realize, of course, that I have no business writing about Cathy, or thinking about Cathy or fantasizing about Cathy or putting Cathy’s name in a sentence that’s anywhere near […]

Fifty-nine and single.

Well, I told you I’d relate my adventures in Bachelorhood if I had any.  So, in service to that promise, I shall tell you that I got to spend time with an attractive woman on Monday.  It wasn’t a date or anything because this particular “attractive woman” is much too young for me — but […]