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And This Means What, Exactly?

Welcome to Wednesday, the day when all of us here at Puff Of Heaven — fans and contributors both — can relax, light up and take a little census of this magnificent little town we should probably call Smoker’s Appreciation Junction.  When you’re here, your home!  There’s plenty of room for everyone!

Turning the Other Cheek

OK, I’ll admit it: Charon’s Aide is a troll.  Yeah.  What I mean, folks, is that, generally, whenever I publish a new post, I’ll take a tour of the world of WordPress, scouting out other people’s blogs, looking for folks who have something to say about smoking, or cigarettes, or fetishes.  Then, when I find […]

The World Will Little Note

Let’s see now, last week I posted some of the ‘site stats here at Puff of Heaven.  We all found out that — in the seven days previous — we’d had seventy five page views from all you wonderful smoking appreciators.  Traffic here was on the way up which, naturally, was to be expected since […]

(Joe Camel’s) Hump Day

I have decided, in that whimsical way Charon’s Aide has of setting plans, that Wednesday shall be “stats day” at Puff of Heaven.  You’d have to expect that activity at this website will increase as I post more and more articles about the goofy yet gratifying world of smoking appreciation.  Besides, I’m sure you’re dying […]