Social Skills

I’ve had a few visits from the web host at Closet Fascination and I’ve accepted her offer to visit her.  She really “gets” the whole ‘smoking appreciation’ thing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visits to her ‘site.  Recently she directed her readers to a blog post about the videos being employed in the Canadian government’s campaign against social smoking.

OK, I'll give it a try.  But only just this once!

OK, I’ll give it a try. But only just this once!

These videos, as far as I can figure out, are designed to persuade me (or my Canadian counterpart) that smoking “once in a while” is bad.  It’s bad because it might turn out to be bad for my “reputation”.

I guess the ‘pitch’ is: “Some of the things people do are ridiculous, and smoking is the most ridiculous thing you can do, and ‘social smoking’ is the same as ‘regular smoking’ so social smoking is ridiculous and you don’t want to be ridiculous.

Did you get all that?  Maybe you’ll get it once you’ve viewed the commercial.  It’s called “Social Farting” and the tag line is “Quit the Denial”.  Watch:

I want you to pay special attention to the episode between 0:37 and 0:42.  Here we see a couple at a party going out on the porch to “get to know each other”.  They’re “breaking the ice” by “breaking the wind”!
What’s the point?  Am I supposed to say, “That couple is so ridiculous!  They’re an embarrassment, really! Don’t they realize people are going to talk behind their backs?  (Ha Ha!  Personally, I’m not going to do anything behind their backs!)  I finally see the light!  I’m never going to smoke at a party again so I won’t look as ridiculous as that ‘farting couple'” If that’s the goal of their ad campaign they failed with me.
Truth be told, I thought both of them looked kind of cute.  They looked so happy out there on the porch!  I know how it can be with a couple just meeting  — sometimes neither one knows what to say.  Those two have figured out that a nice thunderclap can fill the lull in any conversation.  Frankly, I think they’re on to something!
So, those ‘guidance counselors’ up in Canada are playing into my terror of stepping out of line and doing anything that’s different from what everyone else is doing.  Did you notice the way all the non-farters sneered? (Of course, maybe they were all “turning up their noses” so they could get a better whiff.)
Heaven forbid anyone should say anything bad about me!!
So, let’s “quit the denial”.  I smoke.  I smoke three cigarettes a week so that makes me a smoker.  You think smoking is ridiculous, don’t you?  So, it follows that you think I’m ridiculous.
I can’t have that!!  I’m never going to buy another cigarette again.
Then you’ll like me!
Charon’s Aide

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