Would You Like a Little Whine, Perhaps, With your Cigarette?

Often you have heard it said, “The weekly squeal gets the grease”, and I suppose it’s true.  Last week’s squeal of frustration and disappointment (with a liberal sprinkling of obvious and pitiful narcissism) has provoked an outpouring of grease not seen since the Valdez incident.

My rent is three months behind -- but for some reason, the landlord isn't making a fuss about it.

The rent is three months past due — but for some reason, the landlord isn’t making a fuss about it.

To tell you that ‘site visits are up would be an understatement!  Take a peek at these numbers:

Wk Ending Pg Views Avg Day % increase 28 Days Avg Day
Two Months Ago 0 0.00 ———— ———— ————
One Month Ago 75 10.71 25.00 145 5.18
11/12/13 54 7.71 -28.00 199 7.11
11/19/13 81 11.57 50.00 270 9.64
11/26/13 43 6.14 -46.91 253 9.04
12/3/13 221 31.57 413.95 399 14.25

So what’s that?  That’s more than a 400% increase in web traffic!  Where are all you Smoking Appreciators coming from.  Hmmmmm…. Well, I’m glad you asked!

Look this little chart over:

Country Per Cent
United States  43%
Canada  33%
Netherlands  10%
United Kingdom   4%
Kuwait   3%
Singapore   3%
Germany   2%
Romania   1%
Philippines   1%
So what are we learning?  People all over the world appreciate smoking.  So, ladies, light ’em up!  Light ’em up in North America, light ’em up in Europe, light ’em up in the Middle East, light ’em up in South Asia.  You can be sure you’ll be making somebody happy.    😉
Be Happy,
Be Well,
Charon’s Aide


My smoking habit continues unabated — and I’m loving it!
Week Ending: Cigarettes Smoked Avg. Packs per Day Days per Carton
One Month Ago 3 0.021 467
November 26, 2013 3 0.021 467
December 3, 2013 3 0.021 467

I would sure be obliged if you sexy smokers would chart your own tobacco consumption.  Just send your stats to me at charonsaide@usa.com and I’ll post yours along with mine!

Sound like a good deal?

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