I Hate All of You! … And Your Little Dogs Too!!!!

I’m like a pastor who uses his sermons to complain about the people who don’t go to church.  The ones who hear his sermons are the ones he doesn’t need to speak to, and the people he wants to reach aren’t around to hear his sermon.

I don't smoke to look cool or to be sexy.  I'm sexy and cool enough anyway.  I smoke to relieve those nicotine cravings.

I don’t smoke to look cool or to be sexy. I’m sexy and cool enough anyway. I smoke to relieve my nicotine cravings.

It’s Wednesday, which means I post ‘site stats and try to make some sense out the traffic ups and downs here at Puff of Heaven.  If there’s a message in this week’s statistics report it’s this — there’s nobody around to hear my sermons; and all I want to do is preach against indifference.

It seems that smoking appreciation doesn’t make much difference to most of you (I mean you who aren’t reading this! — if that makes any sense  ??)

OK, here’s the gloomy report:

Wk Ending Pg Views Avg Day % increase 28 Days Avg Day % increase
10/22/13 10 1.43 ———— 10 0.36 1000.00
10/29/13 60 8.57 500.00 70 2.50 600.00
11/5/13 75 10.71 25.00 145 5.18 107.14
11/12/13 54 7.71 -28.00 199 7.11 37.24
11/19/13 81 11.57 50.00 270 9.64 35.68
11/26/13 43 6.14 -46.91 253 9.04 -6.30

Page visits are barely half of what they were last week. What’s with you people?? If I weren’t me, and I were just a regular, garden variety fetishist and all-round deviant, Puff of Heaven would be my favorite ‘site!  I don’t see why we’re not flooded with visitors.

Well, I ain’t changin’ anything.  Not yet.  The news isn’t too encouraging; but I’m going to stay the course for now.

Those few of you who are visiting are checking out these posts:

Friends, these posts are awesome!  Read ’em, enjoy ’em, tell your friends.
End of sermon:
As promised, I will continue to post my personal smoking stats:
Week Ending: Cigarettes Smoked Avg. Packs per Day Days per Carton
November 5, 2013 3 0.02 467
November 12, 2013 3 0.02 467
November 19, 2013 3 0.02 467
November 26, 2013 3 0.02 467
Well, that’s it for me.  I’m hoping I’ll have better things to report next week!
Be Happy,
Be Well,
Charon’s Aide


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