And This Means What, Exactly?

Welcome to Wednesday, the day when all of us here at Puff Of Heaven — fans and contributors both — can relax, light up and take a little census of this magnificent little town we should probably call Smoker’s Appreciation Junction.  When you’re here, your home!  There’s plenty of room for everyone!

Nothing like a leisurely smoke break in the afternoon ... What? It's 8pm now???   Where does the time go?

Nothing like a leisurely smoke break in the mid-morning … What? It’s 2pm already???
That would explain why there are sixteen butts in the ashtray…..


Today, as on previous Wednesdays, we’ll look back over the week and assess ‘site traffic and chart ongoing traffic increase (as in two weeks ago) or decrease (as we noticed last week).  New this week — and this will thrill all you appreciators — is a nifty spreadsheet with all the info laid out a pretty as you could want.

From now on, the stats will look like this:

Wk Ending Pg Views Avg Day % increase 28 Days Avg Day % increase
09/24/13 0 0.00
10/01/13 0 0.00
10/08/13 1 0.14
10/15/13 0 0.00 -100.00 1 0.04
10/22/13 10 1.43 11 0.39 1000.00
10/29/13 60 8.57 500.00 71 2.54 545.45
11/05/13 75 10.71 25.00 145 5.18 104.23
11/12/13 54 7.71 -28.00 199 7.11 37.24
11/19/13 81 11.57 50.00 270 9.64 35.68

I realize that this is super-duper nerdy, but your web host is a super-duper nerd:  In addition to the “raw” averages, I’ve added stats for “tempered” averages.  In other words, in order to adjust for irrelevant weekly fluctuations, I’ve averaged the stats over four weeks.  When you view these stats (the three rightmost columns) you will see that the ups are less ‘uppy’ and the downs are less ‘downy’.  Last week, for example, I reported a 28% decrease in traffic.  But, adjusting for fluctuation, I could have claimed a 37.24% increase.  (This, my friends, is why you should never trust a statistician!!).  This week, if I consider this week only, I can claim claim a 50% increase in traffic (middle column) but, if I “adjust” the increase I get a 35.68% increase.  Should this matter to anyone who isn’t a nerd?  No, friends, it should not.

Bottom line, either way, is that traffic is on the upswing!  And that’s good news!!

Also new this week: I’m going to publish which posts folks have been reading most over the past week.  Hopefully, you will find the following chart ‘self-explanatory’ because, if you ask me to explain it to you — well, you don’t want to do that.  Even I can get overwhelmed with my own nerdiness!

So, without further ado, here’s what the cigarette lovers at Puff of Heaven have been reading over the past seven days.

Title Views
Turning the Other Cheek (new)  29%
Are you curious? I sure am!  16%
Say “Cheese”  16%
Table For One (new)  13%
Fifty-nine and single.  13%
(Joe Camel’s) Hump Day   4%
I Promised Not To … But I Did Anyway! (new)   4%
There’s No Fool Like …   4%
The World Will Little Note (new)    0%

I’m certainly glad my rant against anti-smokers headed the list.  Read and learn!

I am, however, dismayed to learn that I actually put up a post last week that no one even looked at.  Now, really!  How do you know whether you’ll like it if you don’t even read it???  Come on!  I appreciate smoking like nobody’s business; but I want a little appreciation for myself too.   😉

Like every other fetishist (I mean appreciator!)  I’m as obsessed with accounting for smoking as I am with smoking itself.  So, I’ve decided to make a careful accounting of my own smoking with the hope that you lovely ladies will do the same and keep me posted even as I keep you posted.

Week Ending: Cigarettes Smoked Avg. Packs per Day Days per Carton
October 15, 2013 3 0.02 467
October 22, 2013 3 0.02 467
October 29, 2013 3 0.02 467
November 5, 2013 3 0.02 467
November 12, 2013 3 0.02 467
November 19, 2013 3 0.02 467

Well, that’s enough numbers — even for me.  Tune in again next week and I’ll serve you another helping.

Be Happy,
Be Well,

Charon’s Aide


  1. rammiegirl · · Reply

    i wish i had the time to start going over stats, but then i realized it was just depressing me as how low mine consistently are. (ha so i gave up).

    1. Rammie,

      I know what you mean about depressingly low statistics! I pretty much assume everyone is thinking that my stats, three per week, are pretty low. Even I think they’re low — especially when you take into consideration the fact that there was a time (many years ago!) when I consistently smoked more than two hundred cigarettes every single week.

      Thing is, I’ve become philosophical in my old age and I’ve decided that the important thing isn’t so much how much smoking you’re enjoying as it is how much you’re enjoying smoking.

      Believe it or not, I enjoy smoking now as much as I ever did. I wish there were a way to measure ‘happy’. I truly believe I’m happier with my habit, such as it is, than most smokers. Not that I’ve ever taken a poll…

      Be Happy,
      Be Well,


  2. thespiritofpoetry · · Reply

    Sorry too many visits from me 😀

  3. Keep posting and your stats will go up over time. From what I can tell, your blog is fairly new. Traffic on my blog wasn’t great at first either. My blog has been around for 5 years and this year I’ve gotten the most hits out of any other year. It doesn’t make sense. I haven’t been posting. It is weird…

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