Is it Wednesday Already?

What did I say last week?  I said I was initiating a ‘weekly feature’ here at Puff of Heaven, a feature that will enable all of you wonderful smoking appreciators to take note of how normal, even common, your enthusiasm for cigarettes really is.  I pointed out, last week, that activity was on the increase.  I was, at that point, deliriously happy to note that — in a single week — we’d realized a whopping 500% increase in interest on the ‘site.  And that, I can only imagine, represented a 500% increase in smoking appreciation.

Yeah, I intend to tell my boyfriend I started smoking again.  Just not yet.

Yeah, I intend to tell my boyfriend I started smoking again. Just not yet.

So, all you lovely ladies (18 OR OLDER ONLY, OF COURSE) put all those silly health and longevity concerns aside, buy yourself a pack of cigarettes, and take up that super-gratifying smoking habit.  That’s right, light ’em up!  Does $8 per pack seem steep?  Just think of it as an investment in joy and happiness!

At any rate, as I peruse the statistics from last week, I find both good news and bad news.  The good news that interest in the ‘site keeps increasing.  The bad news is that the increase isn’t quite the whopping 500% we realized last week.  Just a lull, no doubt.

So, we had 60 page views 2 weeks ago and 75 views last week.  That’ nearly eleven appreciation endorsement a day.  So, it’s not 500%.  So it’s only 25%.  No worries. Once you all start sending a link to your appreciative friends we’ll see some eye popping numbers.

At any rate, if we keep this 25% increase up every week, we’ll see thirty page views a day.  I suppose that’s a bit more realistic than the 86,000,000 hits per day I predicted last week.

But thirty page views a day is plenty of interested to keep me encouraged.  I’m more than happy to incite thirty of you every day into a frenzy of tobacco ecstasy.

Just my way of doing well by doing good….   🙂

Be Healthy,
Be Happy,
Be Well,

Charon’s Aide


  1. thespiritofpoetry · · Reply

    Your life is more interesting than all the smoke, I think in the room 😉

  2. […] look back over the week and assess ‘site traffic and chart ongoing traffic increase (as in two weeks ago) or decrease (as we noticed last week).  New this week — and this will thrill all you […]

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