(Joe Camel’s) Hump Day

I have decided, in that whimsical way Charon’s Aide has of setting plans, that Wednesday shall be “stats day” at Puff of Heaven.  You’d have to expect that activity at this website will increase as I post more and more articles about the goofy yet gratifying world of smoking appreciation.  Besides, I’m sure you’re dying to know just how many other sophisticated men and women of the world are celebrating the many joys of cigarettes.  Check in every Wednesday and you shall see!

Actually, she never gave it a try until I took up the habit.  I set an example for my mother to follow!

Actually, she never gave it a try until I took up the habit. I set an example for my mother to follow!

On the week that ended last Wednesday, October 23, there were 10 page views here at Puff of Heaven which actually works out to more than one view per day.  Wordpress must have some huge and powerful servers to be able to handle traffic like that without going down.  😉

But… on the week that ended today, there have been an astounding total of 60 hits.  That means — hold your horses — there has been a 500% increase in activity on this site in just one week.  All we have to do is keep increasing at that rate and we will have 86 million views per day by the end of the year.  That’s a lot of smoking appreciation!!

Attention, even when it only works out — as it does now — to nine views a day, only serves to encourage me. I’m already encouraged.  Imagine how encouraged I’m going to be once the concern trolls find the ‘site.

Speaking of trolls, I expect that I won’t have to keep posting much longer before some member of the medical establishment takes it upon herself or himself to give me a scathing lecture about the many health hazards caused by smoking.  If any of you trolls want to send along pictures of diseased lungs and diseased people and diseased tobacco plants just email them to charonsaide@usa.com and I’ll be happy to post them.  After that, we’ll have a poll to find out whose pictures people like better: yours or mine.

You appreciators, meantime, should invite your friends over here.  We can all have a jolly time saying outrageous and provocative things to each other while we fatten up the ‘site stats.

Be Healthy,
Be Happy,

Charon’s Aide

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