Health and Fitness

We all want what’s best for our children, mothers especially.  I know that a lot of women are concerned to know the best time for their daughters to start smoking.  They think back on their own heady days as a new smoker and wonder, “did I start soon enough?”  What should they expect from their lovely little girl?  Will she be a smoker at sixteen? At fourteen??  Maybe she’ll hold off until college.

No point trying to resist the urge, sweetie, just part of being a woman — like getting your period.

Another concern is how she should start.  Should Mom take her darling out for a “girl’s night” and surprise her daughter by presenting her with a fresh and inviting pack of cigarettes.  Maybe she’d feel more grown up if she picked it up from her friends, without having to rely on Mom’s help.  I say, don’t worry.  It will happen when it happens and there’s no need for you to push.

But when it does happen you’re going to feel so proud of your little pumpkin that you’ll just about want to burst.

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