By Any Other Name…

True or false?  I have a smoking fetish.  I’m not sure how to answer.  I mean, I certainly have what it is that people mean when they say “smoking fetish”.  So, “Do I have a smoking fetish?”.  The correct answer is TRUE.

Making it fun

Making it fun


It’s also false.  It’s false because the word fetish has a connotation and it’s the connotation that creates a barrier to my goal of being honest with myself

OK, suppose I embrace the definition but reject the word.  I am not a fetishist.  I am an appreciator.   My appreciation is expressed by sexual engagement and arousal.  Sound better?  Sure does to me!

I have an appreciation — a joyous and grateful appreciation of everyone who takes up the smoking habit.  I appreciate ex-smokers who return to the practice.  I appreciate folks who persuade others to give cigarettes a try.  I appreciate, among ten thousand other things, attractive young women smoke while who walk along the sidewalk.

So, “Do I have a smoking fetish?”  The correct answer is FALSE.  I have an appreciation of smoking.

Does that clear it up?


  1. thespiritofpoetry · · Reply

    I don’t believe that there is a ‘smoking fetish’, Attractive women smoking or not are a turn on for any guy 😉

    1. You’re not only a poet, you’re a philosopher!!

      1. thespiritofpoetry · ·

        Yeap ;-D

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